What is Liquid Wax

Lumea Home candle holders are for use with Lumea Home Liquid Wax Candles, a real flame made from highly refined coconut oil.

Safe to use, liquid wax candles offer a clean and convenient alternative to solid wax candles;



Liquid wax has many benefits:


  • Safe at home – The flame instantly extinguishes if the candle is knocked over
  • No mess – No smoke, soot or dripping wax like tealights and other solid candles
  • Long burn time – Up to 18 hours’ burn time: no more constant replacing of tealights and great value


Lumea Liquid Wax Candles come in convenient sealed bottles designed to fit Lumea Home’s wide range of luxury candle holders. When finished, simply replace the bottle. There’s no mess or waste, every bit of the wax is used. 

And you can change your candle holder to suit the mood or occasion. Whatever your style, there’s a Lumea candle holder to suit your home. Shop all liquid wax candle holders now.


Liquid wax candles: The perfect choice at home


Lumea Home Liquid Wax Candles offer all the beauty and ambiance of candlelight at home without the mess. Liquid wax candles do not drip so there is no chance of damage to your surfaces, carpets or soft furnishings caused by dripping wax. And because Lumea Home Liquid Wax Candles do not smoke, there’s no risk of soot to damage walls and ceilings as often happens with wax pillar candles and tea lights.



The beauty of Lumea Liquid Candlelight is also its safety. The wax is in a sealed bottle, and when inside a Lumea Home canlde holder, the candle flame is protected too. Thanks to its ingenious design, if the candle holder is knocked over the flame will automatically extinguish - so there’s much less risk of accidents at home. Good to know if you have small children or pets around.



Lumea Liquid Wax Candles fit inside Lumea Home’s wide range of stunning candle holders for every home and occasion. Simply choose your candle holder, insert a liquid wax candle and enjoy beautiful clean candlelight at home.


Lumea Home lets you easily create the perfect mood you want in your home. No mess, no fuss – just beautiful clean candlelight!